"Renaissance Man"

Over the years, Brian has occasionally had people call him this. Perhaps because of the variety of interests he's pursued in art, songwriting, singing, photography, video, woodworking, pottery and traveling the world. He says "I definitely feel the happiest whenever I'm involved in some creative outlet."

Brian offers a variety of creative services to clients, including graphic design and illustration, audio recording, movie making, photography and music entertainment.

In 1992, he moved from Colorado Springs, where he was raised, to Nashville, Tennessee to pursue his interests in music, particulary singing and songwriting. Within the first year, he wrote “Heroes Never Die” (co-written with Mason Young and David Sawyer) which honors fallen fire fighters throughout the United States and Canada. It soon became the national tribute song for the IAFF/FFM (International Association of Fire Fighters/Fallen Fire Fighter Memorial) and he sang it 6 consecutive years at the annual memorial service in Colorado Springs. "It was an honor and a humbling experience and I met many wonderful people, many of which were grieving the loss of a loved one."
Living in Nashville, he had exciting experiences meeting many entertainers as well as singing with the Nashville Symphony Chorus for ten years. In 2000, he had an original song, “My First Love” (co-written with Larry Wright) published and recorded on the Daywind label and available on their site. It’s a lovily wedding song, specifically for the daughter to honor her father.
His love of travel has taken him to many wonderful places. From whale watching in the Alaskan peninsulas, to Michelangelo’s Sistine Chapel in Florence, to the Swiss Alps, to the feet of the Egyptian Sphinx, to Hawaiian beaches, to the Great Barrier Reef of Australia, to the wild plains of Botswana, Africa and throughout much of America. He likes to say, "If time and money allowed, I believe I would be traveling nearly all the time." He's also lived in Boise, Idaho and now resides in Las Vegas, Nevada.
He's had numerous jobs over the years and the dominant theme has been in the arts. As of 1998, he worked as a children’s book illustrator and designer for Toy Box Productions, located just outside of Nashville, Tennessee. "It was great fun creating the many different characters for the two ongoing series." The first being “The Adventures of Buffalo Biff and Farley’s Raiders” who travel back through time in Biff’s homemade time machine, visiting some of our nation’s greatest people and events. (Benjamin Franklin, The Wright Brothers, George Washington Carver, The Pony Express, The Tuskegee Airmen, Rosa Parks and Abraham Lincoln).
The second series is “Bible Stories for Kids As Told By God’s Animals,” from the Old and New Testament. Each hardcover book contains up to 30 colorful illustrations. Both series’ include an audio CD with sound effects and character voices plus original sing-along songs in the Bible Series.
He's experimented with many different art mediums over the years, all of which he enjoys.

Renaissance Man. Perhaps that's a fitting name after all.
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